bralette - necklace - cardigan - stayups - panties
If you, like me, prefer to have your breast hanging free by your knees and your buttocks defy gravity, keep reading, if not, then you're at the wrong place sweetchecks.
As february fourteenth approches the hunt alters to new heights and the need for a tall, dark and handsome stud/studess that brush his /her teeth reguarly becomes unavoidable.
So much that even the single ladies come out of their non-shaving hibernation and wax it all away, spice that up with your new underwear way above your wallets range and you got a Valentines day.
Me, myself & I will be spending it manless clubbing nonwaxed, but maybe shaved. Though I am quite keen to wear these lucious littles if I meet loverboy....
PS. If you aint got the money, buy some sequins and pearls to give your underwear new life!
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#1 / / Rebecca och Caroline:

Taack så mycket, fiin blogg du har!

#2 / / Josefine:

svar: Tack så mycket. nej det var första plagget jag sydde till mig annars e det bara till dottern..

#3 / / Jenny:

Kommer bli en intressant vår alltså:) längtar till pastellfärgerna :)

Svar: Eller hur! Blir väldigt kul!