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As I'm not one of those famous prep&pretty bloggers that get invitations to all the big events during the swedish fashion week, I instead visited an event that I actually was invited to(shocker) rather than sneaking in. Such an event was the launch party for the magazine Form's issue that focus on fashion, more precisely sustainable clothes & views.
The issue focuses on one of the most brightest, nonshopping changing ideas I've ever heard of. When most people consider the concept sustainable clothes they think of ecological cotton & expensive coats made from fairtrade which will last until the end of time.
BUT, instead Form&Guringo came up with the concept that the new spontaneous purchase you bought last week(which makes you feel guilty). What happended if that fairly cheap top, could be used for two months then thrown into your flower box and used as dung for your failed flowers?
Or maybe thrown away along with your food and used as biodiesel or electricity?
The thought is tempting as I, for one, much like to shop quantity rather than quality.